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Why Go to Church? 

As a church, we believe that living out our faith in the context of a loving and supportive community is the best way to worship and grow closer with God. We believe that there is a tremendous value in coming to church and being part of a church family. So we asked our members: "What is something that you appreciate about your church family, and what do you value about your experience here?" Some of our favorite responses include: 

It renews my faith in God

Here I feel like I belong in God's family

It gives me inner peace

It helps me to get through the next week at work

We know and love each other.

I love how supportive my church family is in a time of struggle

They TRULY care about me, not just a surface friendliness

The church is like my family

Friendly people who welcome everyone

It keeps me grounded & encourages me to keep growing in faith, trust &  knowledge

My kids are loved just as much as I am

A good uplifting, inspiring message to guide me through another week

What is your reason? Find it this Sunday at either of our churches